VIP Monthly Bonus Point Program

All VIP members of TSC Elite are eligible for an exclusive monthly bonus point reward system.  The VIP Bonus point program awards additional points to players based on their level of handle during the month. 

VIP Monthly bonus points are awarded on the first of each month, and are calculated using a player's handle for the previous month.* Each threshold of wagering will trigger a larger multiplier bonus. For example, if VIP Joe Smith, wagered $17,000 in a single month, his handle would be multiplied by two (2) to get his base point value, and then that base value is multiplied by the reward multiplier (2X in this instance).  The math looks like this: (handle * 2 = base points) * Multiplier level = Bonus points; or, (17,000*2) * 2 = 68,000. If we add his bonus point multiplier (68,000), to his base points earned during the month (up to 68,000 depending on what tracks he played), he would earn up to 136,000 points total for the month, equal to $136 in wagering credits.*

Use the charts below to determine how many bonus points would be earned based on monthly wagering:

Monthly Wagering

Reward Multiplier

$5,000 - $9,999


$10,000 - $19,999


$20,000 - $49,999


$50,000 - $99,999


$100,000 - $249,999





Important Note: TSC Elite VIP members earn two base points for every dollar wagered at an on-track TSC Elite facility and one point per dollar through and, and are awarded the morning after the wager is placed. 

VIP multiplier bonuses are calculated based on the amount of dollars wagered; the multiplier does not change based on the tracks played. I.e. a plyer who wagers exclusively at CDI owned properties, earning 4 points per dollar, does not receive a higher multiplier than a player who wagers the same amount at non-CDI properties 9earning 1 points per dollar). 

*Total points is the combined point value that a member could potentially earn at the wagering levels listed. Total points includes the multiplier bonus and the points earned through regular wagering (base points), it is not the total bonus amount issued at the first of the month as a multiplier.